Strategy Meet – Dec 06

Bhumi Chennai Volunteer – Strategy Meet – Dec06

Volunteers of Bhumi‘s Chennai Team met at the Bhumi office on Dec 06, here are the key points we discussed

  • Three teams to be formed within Bhumi’s Chennai Flood relief group for now
  • First team (Orphanages Team) will visit/assess and fulfill requirements at Bhumi teaching centres, other orphanages and shelter homes
  • Second team (Community Team) will visit/assess and fulfill requirements at one or a few selected communities
  • Third Team (Resources Team) will set up and manage a warehouse to receive/sort and distribute relief material possibly in partnership with AID India
  • The First team (Orphanages Team) will be managed by Kishore Kumar (PC, Chennai, Speak Out) this team will be lead by active Bhumi volunteers only, contact your project team to reach him, others we will reach out to you in a few days
  • The second team (Community Team) will be lead by Baish (National head, Ignite programme)
  • The third team (Resources Team) will be activated once the warehouse is identified
  • Data collection application to be used by Bhumi. Volunteers please install Collect – Data Collection Tool by Social Cops
  • To Volunteer – Sign up on
  • To donate and for other information head over to the main Bhumi website

To be updated furter

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