Bhumi – Shelter Homes Team Strategy

This is for the volunteers who are involved in assessing shelter homes. Following are the guidelines to assess the status of the shelter homes (orphanages, old age homes) and the key details should be gathered during the visit.

Stage 1 : Collect
1. Overall status of the home.
If the infrastructure is heavily impacted, immediately call the shelter homes core team. These centers require additional immediate attention and speedy recovery process
a. Red : Medium or small impact in the infrastructures; impacts in the inventory; impacts in the day to day life
b. Orange: No impact in infrastructure but impacts in the inventory and day to day routine life
c. Yellow : No impact in the infrastructure and inventory but day to day life if impacted due to water logging
2. Head count – Try to get precise count. This includes,
Number of students – Class-wise, Tamil/English medium wise, Girls and boys count
Number of old people – Men and Women count
Working and nonworking people count including temporary workers

3. Help required from the shelter – list down all the help that they are looking for.
4. Help received from other means such as government, other NGOs and individuals
5. Here is where the tricky work comes in, based on your analysis and understanding, list down all help that they probably need – discuss with visiting team of volunteers and decide.
6. Fill in the Name, Email id and phone number of those groups that visited the centers
7. Also make sure to obtain the name and contact numbers from the shelter homes

Stage 2: Upload
7. These details will be uploaded in the system and you can see the stats of the help provide in the same tracker which will be shared once you send the assessment form

Stage 3: Identify the Need
8. Identify the exact need of the shelter home that we will be fulfilling and list down all the materials along with resource team
9. Fulfill the needs of the shelter home

Stage 4: Follow up
8. Follow-up visits : Coordinate with shelter homes team for further follow up and ensure that the work at the shelter home assigned to you is marked with completed.

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