Calm after the storm – Love Foundation restored

The protracted intense Vardah cyclonic storm in December 2016 had thrown a ghastly number of people into perpetual darkness, damaging their hopes of survival. In such a tragic situation, many compassionate hearts extended their support to the people in abyss.

Love foundation, located in Minjur, is a Shelter home for children (both boys and girls) in Chennai, nurturing the children to a better life with the aid from various kind-hearted people. Such a place of love was devastated in the Vardah disaster. Thank the Lord; the damage was only to infrastructure. The roof of Kitchen and staff quarters got blown away, the doors of girls’ restroom were shattered and there were damages in electrical wiring of fixtures in those restrooms. One bathroom even got collapsed completely.

Bhumi took the shelter home under its wings, renovated the Kitchen and Staff quarters roof, fixed the doors of restrooms and even reconstructed the collapsed bathroom. Electrical wiring was renewed in bathrooms. The project was completed by April 2017.

We express profuse thanks to volunteers and friends of Bhumi with whose benevolence the Love foundation was renovated.

Damage from disaster – Broken bathroom doors


After renovation – Bathrooms doors fixed and electrical work done


Damaged roofs


Damaged roofs in Staff quarters


Roof repaired in Kitchen


Roof repaired in staff quarters

Broken bathroom wall after Vardah disaster






Bathroom walls rebuilt during renovation at Love Foundation




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