A wall of safety and health for children at Karunai Illam

Karunai Illam, an orphanage in Chennai, is a place occupied by more than 100 pure-hearted children and few warm caretakers. The home was surrounded by unhygienic and unsafe aura. The boys’ section of home had no surrounding compound wall, which made the home unsafe for lively children. An open ground adjacent to the home has become a place for residents in the locality to dump garbage. The said section of home was open to this garbage filled ground making the rooms a heaven for diseases. Moreover, the home is located in a low-lying area and the boys’ rooms face the upward slope; in case of rain, water gushes into the home.

Accumulated garbage near the Boys’ rooms, and unsafe sheets to make up for a boundary wall

The well-informed minds of management in Karunai Illam took the necessary step to fight the home’s malady. They sought the support of Bhumi for construction of compound wall on the side facing the upward slope, which was then built and also surroundings cleaned to an extent. The home had walls on two others sides already and adjacent buildings on the fourth side formed the boundary for it.

The children no more have to experience the sight of filth in the pleasant mornings. The management will no more remain in fear of playful children running out of sight and getting hurt or even worse getting lost. The wall is so constructed to resist flooding in case of heavy rains owing to its location. A sense of security and safety is laid with each brick of the compound wall. Sincere thanks and respect to all friends of Bhumi in Australia who ensured that those children embrace a safe and healthy life.

Prayers offered before starting construction of the compound wall

Construction of wall completed

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