Bhumi’s flood relief measures at Amman Maiyam, Chennai

The Chennai flood in 2015 has been harsh, bringing life for many to standstill. During this time of distress, Bhumi approached many shelter homes to identify those where relief support was imperative. Amman Maiyam was one among the many homes that Bhumi supported. A shelter home at Chetpet in Chennai, it takes care of 62 girl children and is one of Bhumi’s Ignite centres.

The home is located in the vicinity of Adyar River and the condition of the said home was horrid. The residents suffered from hunger with insufficient food and ration. They neither had power supply nor network signal in their mobile, making them handicapped with respect to connecting with outside world and seeking help. Bhumi Ignite volunteers, who took classes in the said home, managed to supply bread packets and necessary toiletries at the time of flood, without any hesitation concerning their comfort. These items were channelized from Bhumi’s Flood Relief Centre. The home also provided shelter to children from Arun Home for one day. The volunteers identified their needs and provided a moral support through their compassionate conversations with children.

Few days later the flood subsided, but not the pain. Books and uniforms of children were all spoilt; for these children who value education, while finding it difficult to afford slightest level of formal education, this really flooded their eyes with tears.

Various household appliances and school utilities for children were provided

Bhumi made a list of essentials for the healthy survival of children. The required electrical appliances, to be specific, food mixer, washing machine and refrigerator were offered. Household essentials like sleeping mats and ample provisions were given. Reflecting the importance of a healthy residence, especially after such prolonged flood, enough mosquito coils and toiletries were provided. Children were given necessary school utilities like uniforms and stationeries.

Bhumi thanks each and every supporter who helped in bringing back life at Amman Maiyam – gifting hope to the lives of 62 girl children and their caretakers. You were the muscle and motivation for us to have helped so many at the right time.

Experience during flood shared by a resident of Arun Home – A short video

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