Electrical and household appliances provided for flood relief

During the hard times of the Chennai flood in 2015, many suffered due to damage and destruction of their infrastructure. Prema Vasam and Elkanah were two homes among various affected charitable institutions where relief works were carried out by Bhumi. The testing times at such shelter homes were overcome unitedly by the sharing and caring of volunteers and donors.

Prema Vasam, a home to almost 148 girls and 45 boys, suffered a huge loss to their property. To make sure that the kids were adequately given with the comfort that they needed during this period, Bhumi distributed many amenities that helped the children. For a safe and healthy atmosphere for growing children, various home appliances were provided that included fans, tube lights, emergency lamps and a fridge. Few flasks were also donated, which proved essential to serve children in cold weather. Special aid like wheelchair was also provided to ease the individual need in this home.

Various appliances were provided at Prema Vasam

Elkanah children’s orphanage takes cares of 20 boys. Here, kitchen appliances like grinder, fridge, fridge stands and mixer were given. Mats, Pillows, Fans and Emergency lamps were also supplied to make sure that these children receive the best comfort possible; Proper rest and bright surrounding are much essential for growing minds. Due to the havoc wreaked by the floods, plumbing works were also done.

Refrigerators and Freezer boxes were provided at various homes so that the food supplies are preserved and made sure not to perish. Refrigerators were given at Udhavum Ullangal – a home for 51 children located in Adambakkam, and at Little Angel Children’s Home – a home for 11 children located in Poonjery. The homes where freezer boxes were provided include

  • Poonamalle Blind School,
  • Karunai Illam – a home in Madambakkam that cares for more than 70 children,
  • Mariella Children’s Home in Kalpakkam where 60 children reside, and
  • Love Foundation in Minjur where 40 children reside.

Ponnamalle Blind School is the residence of around 300 children with vision disparities. During calamities, it is a greater challenge for these children to manage daily life. Kitchen appliances like stove, mixer and grinders were distributed to help them make sure that the children are provided with proper meals. Container box was also for safe storage purposes. Stove was given at Polichalur AD School. A mixer and a grinder were supplied to Little Angel Children’s Home. And in Mariella Children’s Home, RO system was installed. At Udhavum Ullangal, a home for 52 girl children, a washing machine was provided.

Televisions were provided for entertainment and for keeping the young minds active and updated. The home include

  • Siragu Montessori School in Palaveedu (Avadi) where more than 500 children are cared for,
  • SIP Memorial in Periyar Nagar (Perambur) – 47 children stay here,
  • Bala Mandir Kamraj Illam in T-Nagar, where more than 200 children reside.

Bhumi would like to express profuse thanks to each and every individual who joined hands to battle a sizeable calamity and revive hope in the lives of underserved. We were able to aid these charitable institutions only by the support of every contributor.

Electrical motor and plumbing work done at Elkanah orphanage


Applianced provided at Poonamalle Blind School


Washing Machine provided at Uthavum Ullangal

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