Bolstering the Bharathmatha @ Nandiambakkam – Preliminary Report

About Bharatha matha Sevai Illam :
An hour and a 15 minute drive, took us to Nandiambakkam, (Map) a village near Minjur, in the outskirts of the city, where “Bharatha matha Sevai Illam” is located. Miss.Udhayamalar manages the home with the proceeds of her pension. The home for boys and the girl’s home are located almost 300 meters apart, and the lady has been administering both, solely, for more than a decade. 18 boys and 32 girls were residing at the home when the floods struck Chennai in December 2015. The children from the shelter home have participated in Bhumi’s Nakshatra many years back, but the caretaker of the home has not been able to bring the children to the talent fest in the last few years. Bhumi volunteer Lokesh who visited the home during the floods referred the home for support.

Lack of privacy in the girl's hostel necessitating a compound wall

Lack of privacy in the girl’s hostel necessitating a compound wall

The two major problems faced by the home during the flood were – security and sanitation. The Girls hostel had no proper compound wall. The roof of the girls’ hostel had been blown away by the winds. Lack of proper toilets and bathrooms emerged as a serious issue. In order to bolster the Bharathmatha illam such that it doesn’t face these crises on a future date, certain revamping measures where undertaken by Bhumi. A strong 6 feet compound wall is being raised, and is given a fresh tint of paint. The roofs and the flooring that were damaged on account of rain were revamped. New toilets and bathroom are constructed and are ready for use, before the children who have been to their native, return to the hostel.

Bharatha matha - 01

Girls Hostel before with partly blown away roof (right) and after (left) with roof being built and compound wall pillars are also seen.

Support given to the home include

  • New roof for the girl’s hostel
  • Compound walls for both the boys and girls hostels
  • New toilets and bathrooms for both the boys and girls hostels
  • New bore wells for both the boys and girls hostels
  • Renovation of existing toilets and bathrooms in the girls hostel has just begun
Bharatha matha - 02

Boys Hostel seen in January (above left) and april (below left). Toilets and bathroom complex being constructed (right)

This project has been made possible by the generous support by (alphabetical order)

Most of the construction work has been completed during the school vacation, a final report after the completion of all work will be posted soon. Thank You for your support.

– Madhura Shanthini, Volunteer, Bhumi

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