Bhumi – Shelter Homes Team Strategy

This is for the volunteers who are involved in assessing shelter homes. Following are the guidelines to assess the status of the shelter homes (orphanages, old age homes) and the key details should be gathered during the visit. Stage 1 : Collect 1. Overall status of the home. If the infrastructure is heavily impacted, immediately

Bhumi Flood Relief Strategy Update

Bhumi’s Flood relief strategy Timeline Nov 16 – 30 Door to door collection of in-kind donations and transport to Chennai Rain Relief collection points Volunteering with Chennai Rain Relief partner organisations for food cooking & distribution Collection of food from kitchens and distribution in affected areas Few tonnes of relief materials and thousands of food packets

Strategy Meet – Dec 06

Bhumi Chennai Volunteer – Strategy Meet – Dec06 Volunteers of Bhumi‘s Chennai Team met at the Bhumi office on Dec 06, here are the key points we discussed Three teams to be formed within Bhumi’s Chennai Flood relief group for now First team (Orphanages Team) will visit/assess and fulfill requirements at Bhumi teaching centres, other